5 easy ways to clean your back to get rid of dirt

We all know how difficult it is to clean our backs on our own. However, it is very important for us to keep our back clean and fresh to get rid of accumulated dirt and itchiness. Here are a few easy ways to clean your back.

1. Dry brushing: If you are not aware of the concept of dry brushing, it is basically the act of brushing your body without making it wet before taking a bath. All you have to do is take a hand brush and scrub your back with it. It will clean your back and then you can go ahead with your bathing and moisturise it well later.

2. Long loofah and baking soda: Baking soda is known as a great cleaning agent and is being used in a lot of face packs and face washes. If you haven’t cleaned your back for a very long time and it is dirty and greasy then baking soda should be your go-to remedy as it has the ability to leave your back squeaky clean. All you have to do is take along loofah as shown in the picture sprinkle some baking soda on it and rub it across your back. Be careful if you have extremely dry skin as it can dry your skin out further but if you have oily, greasy back baking soda is the perfect ingredient.

3. Body scrub and natural loofah: If you are someone who believes in natural loofah you can rub your back with body scrub on a natural loofah that is made up of plant fibre. You can make your own all-natural homemade body scrub or use store bought natural body scrub.

4. Hand free back scrub mat: If you are lazy like me there are a lot of hands-free back scrub mats available online. You’ll have to stick the mat on your bathroom wall and rub your back against it.

5. Ubtan: The age-old Indian way of getting rid of dirt and grime off your body is probably the best way to clean your back. Mix turmeric, milk and a binding agent like oat or wheat flour. Take a face pack applying long brush and apply the Ubtan on your back. Let it dry and once it is dried rub it off with your back brush. The dirt will come off with sticky Ubtan.