4 make-up mistakes that are making those wrinkles more prominent

Simply getting enough sleep and slathering some SPF sunscreen on your skin is not enough to protect your skin from ageing. Little make-up mistakes can make your skin age faster so you need to ensure that your make-up is always on-point. Sometimes even applying a few products in incorrect places can make you appear a little older. So take note of these beauty blunders from beauty expert Nandini Agarwal, Marvie Ann Beck Academy.

1. You have been wearing the same make-up for years: Just because you rocked the smokey eyes in your 20s does not mean that it will work for you in your 40s. As you age, the dryness and discolouration on your skin becomes more prominent so you really need to re-think your products. Get an appointment with your make-up expert to really understand what type of make-up you should be wearing to not look prematurely aged.

2. You use only one concealer: You should always have two types of concealers in your make-up kit. Your under eye delicate area needs a liquid formula in a tube. A thin liquid formula means that you will have less creasing and not widen the creases to wrinkly lines. Then use a creamier formula with a brush to cover any dark spots.

3. You apply make-up on the wrong spot: Your make-up should give a lifting-effect to your skin. Wearing make-up in the wrong place can drag down your features. For instance, instead of applying blush in the apple of your cheeks apply it in the area higher than you normally would give a lifting effect. Similarly, sweep a bronzer just on your forehead and around the sides of your face.

4. You wear the wrong foundation: It is imperative to find your perfect foundation shade as you age. Wearing a colour that does not match with your skin can add on years to your face. Wear a shade that just matches your skin tone. Test the foundation of your jawline instead of your forearm for a more accurate colour match.