8 unusual ways to enjoy a date

Those couple of hours that you spend with your ‘special date’ seem longer than usual, don’t they? With butterflies in your stomach and uncontrollable blushes taking over you, you’d definitely be looking forward to some memorable moments. To make that date work for you, skip the ‘done to death’ candle-light dinners and look for options that speak volumes about your personality. Here is what you may like:

Catch the sunrise and coffee

When you are not up for something too fancy to begin with, grab a cup of morning coffee together. However, the challenge is to wake up that early so you can also catch the sunrise with your date. Start up your day with positive and pleasant conversations or head for a walk. It’s surreal to enjoy the early morning breeze and watch the spectacular hues in the sky with some interesting company.

Head to a carnival 

Apart from planning on some fun road trips to your friend’s farm or beach house, head to a music or art festival. The ambiance is rather lively and there is a lot happening. Food, art, culture, some shopping at the flea market is a fun way to enjoy and look through different artists and/or musicians together. In between all that is happening there, you could even end up proposing in some unusual ways.

Attend a karaoke session 

If music and drinks are your pick, a night of karaoke shouldn’t be missed out. Sing along with old melodious tunes and let your hair down! Reminisce some old memories and share them. Besides, it’s going to be a night of laughter especially if you sing when you know you just can’t! Head to your favourite pub or bar or call in for a karaoke session at home. And if you get a chance to kiss, 


Being a team on anything could be fun, but it’s also challenging. Bake cupcakes, cakes or any dessert that you’ve been craving. See how well you manage the baking without burning the house down! Both of you could sign up for a baking workshop to hone your skills too. All the flour on your bodies could even be the start of something kinky!

Dance it off 

Plan a fun dance workout session or simply join a dance class with each other. This could speak volumes about your date’s confidence even if they are not great dancers. So, shake a leg or two with each other and get some chemistry going.  

Game it 

If you are up for some daring games, then ‘truth or dare’ should be on your list. Have a double date planned to add to the fun. If not, then board games are an alternative too. Carom, monopoly, scrabble, or even a game of ‘twister,’  are thrilling.

Go book shopping 

Go book shopping. You’d have a better idea of your date’s intellect too. You could also figure out your compatibility level with each other. Wander around book stores, libraries, sit through a session of peaceful book reading or attend a book-launch in your city if you can. 

Plan a spa date 

If you were to plan your weekend trip to the salon or spa anyway, take your date along! Ask your date if he’d want to pamper himself with a haircut, shave, pedicure or even a massage, along with you. Or give the couple spa, a try . There are chances that your pampering session, could lead to a dinner date, the next thing.