Hugh Hefner's Trust Requires His Loved Ones to Stay Sober

One detail of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner’s trust requires his beneficiaries — his four children and wife Crystal Harris — to stay relatively sober if they want to continue to receive distributions.

In a section of the trust titled “Substance Abuse,” Hefner said that if any beneficiary “frequently uses or consumes any illegal substance, or is clinically dependent on the use of alcohol or any other legal drug,” that person will be terminated from the trust, according to The Blast.

The definition of abuse is left up to the trustees, particularly whether they believe the “beneficiary is unable to care for himself or herself, or is unable to manage his or her financial affairs,” The Blast reported. 

Trustees can request a drug test if they suspect abuse, and the beneficiary can use distribution funds to attend treatment and can have distributions reinstated if they are clean and sober for a year and are able to care for themselves, E! News reported.

Hefner rarely drank and hated drugs. In a 2012 interview, Hefner told Interview Magazine, “I’ve hated cocaine from the outset. I’ve seen cocaine as a very, very hurtful drug. It changes people’s personalities,” adding that it has hurt some of his friends’ lives.

Hefner also said alcohol and tobacco “kill people.” 

The Playboy legend wanted his longtime secretary Mary O’Connor to be his trustee, but she died in 2013 at age 84. His sons will take control of the trust after they turn 30, The Blast said.

The trust also reportedly disinherits children who claim to be Hefner’s unless the child lived with him and he acknowledged them as his child in writing.