Conan O’Brien Receives Rough Reception In Haiti, Because Of Donald Trump

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 Conan O’Brien did not receive the warmest of welcomes during his recent trip to Haiti.

Angry locals berated the late-night talk show host and his camera crew while they were filming for the upcoming “Conan Without Borders” episode in the Caribbean country’s capital of Port-au-Prince.

“We’re being told through our interpreter that when Americans come here they only shoot the bad things, which obviously is not what we want to,” said O’Brien, in a preview clip shared online late Wednesday. O’Brien decided to visit Haiti after President Donald Trump reportedly called the country a “shithole.”
O’Brien explained to locals via a translator that the “reason I have come to Haiti is because I and a lot of Americans are angry at what President Trump said, so I wanted to come here and show positive, great beautiful things about Haiti.”
But one woman was not having it:
“Make sure Trump knows that you guys are the ones who have bullied us, and have caused us to be in the state that we’re in,” she added.
All was not lost. O’Brien ended up charming his audience with a speech in Creole ― and then further bonded with locals, and the woman, with a Trump-themed joke.
Check out the clip above. “Conan In Haiti” airs Jan. 27.